Banff engagement photos – Sunrise at Moraine Lake

August 2, 2018

I was heading to Banff National Park for a wedding & so I reached out on social media to find an adventurous couple interested in meeting me at sunrise for Banff engagement photos.
Mitch & Steph got in touch & said they would be up for it, and so we put a plan together to meet at one of the most beautiful places you could imagine: Moraine Lake, near Lake Louise.

I was staying in Canmore, just outside of Banff, and so I got up super early to make the drive in to Moraine Lake.
In fact, I got up extra early so I could stop and do some night sky shooting on the way!

Night Sky

My first stop was near Banff, at Vermillion Lakes where I took some photos of the stars with the glow of Banff illuminating the mountains.


Moraine Lake

From there, I drove on through the night, winding my way through the darkness to Moraine Lake.
I followed the short trail that led me to the lookout, where I was met with the incredible sight of the mountain peaks silhouetted against the night sky, as the stars reflected in the waters of the lake below.


The sky was starting to glow already, and so I took the chance to have a quick nap in the car before heading back outside to catch the sunrise!


I was surprised to see a few photographers when I got back up to the lookout point, and then more & more as the sunrise approached.  It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say there was at least 50 people out there to catch photos of the sunrise that morning.  The sky glowed pink and reflected in the calm waters below.  It was stunning.


Banff engagement photos

I found Mitch & Steph, and as the light finally cracked the horizon, we started our session.  They had driven in from Calgary, and so had been up really early too!  I’m so grateful for this adventurous couple & am thrilled with the photos we captured that morning!

Dodging the other photographers was the hardest part of this adventure…Ok and maybe the lack of sleep… But it was an amazing experience, and I can’t wait for the chance to do it again!


Banff engagement photos, at sunrise, at Moraine Lake was this portrait photographer’s dream come true!

If you are interested in an adventurous engagement session, or just want to say hello, drop me a line!  You can reach me right HERE.

All photos were edited in Adobe Lightroom with Tribe Photo Co. Live Folk presets  & Tribe Archipelago Summit presets

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It is so amazing! Busy spot, but totally worth getting there early for. 🙂

this is my dream location, great work!