Catherine & Pat – Greenhouse wedding portraits

July 12, 2017

Catherine & Pat are lucky.  It rained on their wedding day.  Of course, as much as it is supposed to be good luck, it sure makes it difficult when you hoped to do portraits outdoors.  Luckily, another photographer friend had recently taken some photos in a greenhouse, and as soon as I saw it, I let her know that I was going to steal the idea!  Yes, all art is theft.  So when it poured rain for Catherine & Pat’s wedding day, I knew it was the perfect time to head inside for some greenhouse wedding portraits.

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A big thanks again to Sabrina Johnson for inspiring me to use this location.  Sabrina used to be my assistant and has gone on to become an amazing photographer herself!

Thanks to Catherine & Pat for enduring the weather with a smile, and of course to Laporte’s Nursery & Greenhouses here in North Bay, Ontario, Canada for inviting us in with open arms for the greenhouse wedding portraits.



Please leave any comments below, especially if you have some cool wedding portrait locations to share!

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Yay for indoor spaces and greenhouses!! These pictures are beautiful 🙂 

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