Capturing the little details in photography

December 20, 2019

Recently I had a conversation with someone about capturing the little details in photography.  All too often we are looking for the big, epic shots, and ignoring the tiny moments of beauty all around us.
However, I truly believe that as photographers we have a special gift – That is, the ability to find beauty in the smallest things, in the little details.
For this blog post, I collected some images I captured earlier this year while visiting my partner’s parent’s home in upstate New York.  The home is a special one for sure, that they built themselves many years ago, where they raised two wonderful children, and where they still live today.
I’d encourage any photographer to go out and do something similar. Maybe in your own home, or in the home of someone you love.
These images are something that can become a very special reminder, of a special place…And doing so will be a good reminder of the importance, and power of photography.

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All images captured with a Leica M10 digital camera & Zeiss Distagon 35mm 1.4 lens.
Edited in Lightroom with Tribe Archipelago Wayfarer presets.

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