Another yearly tradition… Sharing my favourite nine photos from the year.

Each of these images resonates with me in their own way.
Some are special places, some are special people, and some…are both.  From our modest home to the top of mountains, there is a little bit of everything.
I think I took more photographs this year than ever before, so narrowing it down was not easy, but I did it…Though not surprisingly California features heavily in this list, as it was truly an incredible trip.

I hope you had a great year, and without further ado here is my Favourite Nine 2017!

glacier point yosemite
I woke up at 4am, and drove alone into Yosemite Valley, then up, up in the darkness, as the air got colder, to Glacier Point. Here, high above the valley, I found my way through the darkness to the lookout where the shadow of Half Dome stood in the distance, and the glow of sunrise began to creep across the Eastern sky. I took several photos, and this one is a combination of two exposures…One exposure for the sky, and another, longer one, to illuminate the dark landscape below. Together, they make for a dramatic image to remind me of an incredible night, in an incredible place.
north bay photographer
Foggy morning at the Cove. One thing about being a photographer, is that you quickily realize that often the best time for photos is early in the morning, or at the end of the day. They are often quiet, solitary moments. Alone, with my camera, and the sounds of nature. I love this image, because it captures that feeling.
north bay photographer
My partner & I both starting doing pottery this year, and these are a few small pots I made. I included this image because pottery has become something I quite love to do, & these little pots that I planted with cactus & succulents were a few of my favourites. I’m excited for the endless possibilities that come with creating with clay.
lajolla tide pools
A self portrait with my oldest daughter at the LaJolla tide pools in San Diego, California. This has been a tough year for her & I…. She turned 13 & with it came all the complexities of being a teenager. It has been a real struggle, but little moments like this one, where we can go out & take photos & spend some time together makes me realize we will get through it.
taft point yosemite
The trail was closed because in the last days of May there was still snow up the mountains above Yosemite Valley. Being from Canada, we weren’t afraid of hiking through it, so we made our way to Taft Point on our last day in the park. We were rewarded with an incredible view, high above the valley, with El Capitan towering in the distance. I setup my camera & had my daughter capture this photo of me, as I stood, with shaky legs, with thousands of feet of cliff in front of me. It was truly phenomenal, as all of Yosemite had been, & I was very sad to leave this incredible place. This photo reminds me that if you want to, you can realize your dreams. Standing there was one of mine.
ottawa photographer
Bedtime rituals. This image is touching for obvious reasons…Watching my partner read a bedtime story for my youngest daughter… It fills my heart with love.
joshua tree
The Milky Way over Joshua Tree. There is a lot to love about this photo. Joshua Tree is a wild alien landscape by day, full of strange shapes, boulders, cactus, & trees. At night it takes on an eerie feeling. The light pollution from a distant city silhouettes the Joshua Tree on the right of the frame, and the Milky Way is shining in the sky to the left. Perhaps what I love most about this photo though, is that I got to experience it with one of my oldest & closest friends, Alain. He lives in California now, & met up with us in San Diego, and we traveled to Joshua Tree so we could spend a couple days together, & go out to shoot the night sky. I’m grateful for his friendship after all these years, and was happy to connect with him again & enjoy this moment.
tunnel view yosemite
It had crept it’s way to the top of my bucket list…Yosemite. This particular view, was one of the reasons for it. A mile long tunnel is carved through the side of a mountain, and when you exit it, you are immediately greeted with this: Tunnel View. Right on the road, no hiking is necessary to enjoy it. El Capitan on the left, Bridalveil Falls on the right, and rising out of the clouds in the distance, the unmistakable shape of Half Dome. I’d go back again another day to this spot, to catch the sunrise as it slipped slowly into the valley from the East, but this visit, with the moody dramatic sky, gave me my favourite photo of this place.
muskoka photographer
A love poem, written for someone special, and my typewriter, which was a gift from someone special. This photo reminds me that the heart is at least as important as the mind, and deserves as much attention.



I hope you enjoyed my favourite nine images of 2017.
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