Rainy day alternatives for wedding photographers

July 5, 2017

They say it is good luck when it rains on your wedding day.  But what about the outdoor portrait session you planned?  What is your plan ‘B’?  Do you have one?

Rainy day alternatives for wedding photographers

Let’s talk about ideas for when Mother Nature just doesn’t cooperate.

There are some obvious ones:

The reception venue.

It might have one or more beautiful spaces you can take the photos in.  And sometimes you can get very creative with them.  Staircases, a bar, even a long hallway can give you opportunities to shoot interesting photos.

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The family home.

Your client or one of their family members may have a great space to work with for portraits.  A patio deck, living area, large windows…Remember again, you can get creative with the space you have!

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A cool cafe or bar/restaurant.

If you are thinking of a plan ‘B’ in advance, there may be a place that has special meaning to your clients, or is just cool looking.  Get in touch with them ahead of time & see if you can book some time for your wedding portraits.

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Don’t be afraid to get a little wet!

As a wedding photographer, I often pack a few umbrellas in the car, just in case!  If it does rain, and the couple is up for getting out with some umbrellas we always get some fun & awesome shots.

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The church.

They usually are pretty grand!  If you had a church wedding, & the couple is interested, you can take advantage of the space to get some portraits done.

Covered public spaces.

I’ve used parking garages, libraries, gazebos to name a few.  Think outside the box!



Don’t be afraid of bad weather!

Get a plan ‘B’ ready, so if you need to, you will have somewhere to go & not have to worry about the weather at all.  It will make everyone’s day easier!

What are your favourite rainy day alternatives for wedding photos?  Let me know in the comment section below.

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