Print your photos.  Please.

If you do one thing with your wedding photos, or your family photos, or whatever kind of photos they may be…Get some prints made.
We are all guilty of not doing it enough.  We have cell phones full of images, hard drives, USB & DVDs too.  These things don’t last though.  Phones die, hard drives fail, DVDs get lost.  The technology changes so fast too…Right now I’m working on a computer that doesn’t even have a DVD drive.  The new Mac computers hardly have any ports now… Sure, we backup some of our images to ‘the Cloud’, or post them on social media…But even those will pass… And a Facebook image we post is relevant for what, maybe a week if we are lucky?  And then it just fades away.
But a print, or an album…These can last.  For generations.  I have prints of my parent’s wedding, my das’s school photos from 1960, old photos of my grandmothers as young women, & my grandfather, sitting on a tank in WWII.
So do yourself a favour…Order some prints.  It has never been easier.  You can get a print or photobook made right from your smartphone.  There are a million apps to help you.
I encourage all my clients to print something…To make an album.  Something they can hold in their hands…something their children will cherish, and even generations beyond that.
In this digital age, it is important to remember that some things are timeless, and holding a photo album in your hands, or hanging a print on your wall, will always be worth it.

I offer several print options to my clients.  Canvases, matted prints, and my personal favourite, handmade flushmount photo albums.  They can hold a beautiful collection of images from your wedding or family photoshoot.  These albums will become cherished items, and help preserve memories that will last lifetimes.

hard drive
This is a hard drive. It has failed. Everything on it is irretrievable. And even if it hadn’t failed, one day soon it will be obsolete. And really, if you had to choose to look at photos in an album or on a computer, which would you choose?
my grandfather on a WWII tank
My grandfather, sitting on his tank, during WWII.
vintage photo
A photo of my grandmother. It is so amazing to be able to see these images, generations later.


vintage photo
My grandmother, as a young woman.
photo prints
A collection of personal prints I recently received. Printing personal photos is so important.


wedding photo prints
Matted wedding photos. Pre-matted images are popular with my clients. all you need to do is buy a frame and insert!


canvas print
A canvas landscape print I had made for a client.


photo album
Flushmount wedding albums are my favourite thing to provide for my clients.


photo album
A flushmount album allows you to display large images beautifully across the pages.


photo album
The layout possibilities are endless.


photo album
Each of these albums covers are handmade, and there are several cover options…Faux leather, silk, linen, image wrap.


photo album
The lab I work with provides each album in a presentation box, with a little information card on how to care for your album, so that it will last.


photo album
Covers can have images wrapping around the front & back covers.


photo albumphoto album

photo album
Albums are a great way to easily display a collection of memorable photos.

photo album

So I hope you are convinced, and that you get some prints done, or make an album!
Not only are they great for yourself, but they make excellent gifts.

Thanks for visiting the blog.  Please leave me a comment below.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about printing, or maybe a story about a memorable print that you would like to share!

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Hi Lindsay, GTA imaging ( is my favourite choice, & they in the GTA, though they work specifically with photographers. I also use ZNO (, who have more affordable albums, and turnaround is fast. Let me know if you find any other good choices! Cheers.

Do you recommend any print companies that print albums? Canadian shipping.

Thanks Samantha! Do it! Order some personal prints & you won’t regret it. 🙂 Cheers!

This article really accentuates the points of how important a photo can be! I’m a photographer and I’m still one of those people who say I will do it tomorrow. Let me get to printing!