LaJolla Tide Pools – Long exposure photography on the California Coast

June 14, 2017

Lajolla tide pools is one of those magical landscapes you can’t forget.  I’d seen a few photos online while planning my trip to California, & knew that I couldn’t miss this spot.  The whole coastline of LaJolla, just north of San Diego, is incredible.  Well preserved & still very wild, LaJolla has stunning beaches, a rocky coastline & a marine reserve where you can snorkel with rays, sharks, and sea lions.  It was for me, my favourite part of visiting the San Diego area.  Just South of the LaJolla Cove is a little stretch of shoreline, where the rocks have split and fractured over the years, creating amazing tide pools.  It was here that I found myself one evening, capturing photos of the waves crashing over the rocks, and the tide water seething up and over the rocks & channels.  It was truly beautiful…An unforgettable experience.  I had brought my Fuji XT1 with a 16mm lens, and two B&W ND filters ( a 3-stop & a 6-stop) so that I could reduce the light entering the lens & shoot long exposures.  Shooting between 6 and 30 seconds, I was able to manipulate the movement of the tide & waves, transforming it in my images, so that it appeared to be a dreamy, soft mist.  I have many images from this trip…We traveled all over California (over 1500 miles actually), and I will have to share some more with you soon.  For now, I have selected just a few of my favourites, from this beautiful spot.   If you are interested in shooting long exposure photography on the California Coast, then the LaJolla Tide Pools are definitely a spot to consider!  Even if you just want a beautiful place to watch the sun set…Check it out!

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I’ll be making prints from this trip available in my Etsy shop.  Check it out!  Thanks for stopping by, & if you would like to get in touch with me directly, you can do so HERE.





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Definitely add it to your list. So gorgeous there.

Wonderful images! Another spot to add to my location list. 

Thanks Katharine! It really is a beautiful spot! Cheers…

Wow, these are so gorgeous! Love them all!

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